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08 April 2011

Attention: Mommies of Boys

I know it's early (8 months) but we are starting to think about potty training the Bear (he already used his froggy potty once!).  I've several times been tempted to buy these.  Then I realized I already own some, thanks to Mary Kay!  Next time you receive a package in the mail, check to see if the packing peanuts are biodegradable (it should say on the package that they are, because going green is something companies love to brag about).  Or you can ask your friendly neighborhood Beauty Consultant to hook you up.  I've got a bunch saved up for the Bear, but I might be able to spare a few for those who live near me (you know who you are--hit me up on FB). 

On a semi-related note: Do any of you keep potties in multiple bathrooms?  Have any of you tried the Peter Potty?  The froggy is working well for now, but we are trying to decide what to do when we get serious about it (most likely when he can walk and talk, lol).

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