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10 May 2011

B-Day Gifts and Mother's Day Gifts

The art from Casey's  b-day card

I made sidewalk chalk with eggshells and food coloring and paste.  The  cupcake crayons were melted broken crayons.  You can get both of these recipes from this book.

The Mollster and the doll hat I accidentally made for her.

Sarah looking at the amazing card I designed for her.

Sarah's Card

My portrait of Sarah
My first attempt at making corsages with Azaleas and Lilacs from my own garden.  My Mama Bear and I wore them to church on Mother's Day.
The hat and scarf I crocheted for Mama Bear.
Close-up of the flower on the hat.  I made it up as I went along, and I doubt I could duplicate it.

The other hat I crocheted for Mama Bear.  I always giver her a bear of some sort for Mother's Day.  Also, we are doing a panda theme for Bible School this summer.  I am going to make one for the Bear and one for myself.
The portrait of her kids and grandkid that I made for my MIL.
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