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27 March 2011

Let the Blogging Begin!

After much hesitation, I've decided to enter the blogosphere.  I really didn't want to...I waste enough time on the Facebook as it is.  But Facebook won't let me post my crafty stuff the way I want.  So here I am.  We'll see if I can get this to work for me, so I can share my Domestic Diva genius with you, you lucky people you.

Here's what I worked on today for our church nursery--I've been the chair for a little over a week and LOVING IT!  Nothing had been done in there for more than 5 years and it was a death trap for the little ones.  I moved the big kids, who had commandeered it, to another Sunday School Room.  Saturday was a church work day; I had some of the elders, some of the youth, and a couple of dear ladies help me get the place ship-shape.  I'll try to remember to post pictures soon.

EDIT: If you'd like a copy of these policies for your church nursery, let me know and I'll email them to you.
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