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29 March 2011

HATE Housework!!!

Today I have to clean my house.  I have a deadline for getting this place in some semblance of order.  My bug guy comes a week from today...he has to be able to walk in every room.  Currently there are at least two rooms that he cannot.

I love cooking.  I seriously do.  But Hubby wouldn't know that.  I almost never cook for him because there's never any freaking counter space to cook or any clean pots and pans.

Whenever I run out of unmentionables, sorting the laundry takes an hour.  That is because I have to separate the clean and dirty from each other where the piles have accumulated on the floor.

Please tell me I am not the only Domestic Diva with this problem! 

This is sooo embarrassing...but I felt the need to share this as I yet again procrastinate (although it's legit snacktime; I'm hungrier than a pregnant elephant!).  I'm working on being transparent.  I know it is not God's will for me to lie and hide behind masks.  So here it is: the real me!

Keep it Kute!

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